Delivering the bottom line starts at the top of the project
Cost saving measures start at the beginning of your project. To maximize cost savings, meet with the Value Engineering team. We'll provide you with options and strategies, always keeping your design intent and budget as the goal. Tube Art Group works diligently to stay informed of new industry innovations and creativity. Our due diligence means a better product, at a better cost to you.
Managing all aspects of the production process
TAG provides two levels of project management services. Interior personnel shepherd your project through the survey, city/permit mediation, design and fabrication phases. And for larger projects, an on-site Project Manager can work with your construction team to develop timetables, monitor site conditions, and coordinate with the installation team. Whatever the size of your project, we have the right team to make it a success.
Pride in our work, pride in our product
Tube Art Group has a combined manufacturing space of over 75,000 square feet. Our facilities include automated metal fabricating machinery, acrylic and sheet-metal fabrication stations, large-format vacuum forming and digital printing. One rapidly growing area is our interior wayfinding division, with an ADA team versed in the latest codes. Nothing like having white-gloved craftsmen produce your unique wayfinding signs.
Not your typical prototyping
Some projects need more than drawings; they need something you can touch, so you can better visualize how it will work in its environment. That's why TAG can prototype projects at scale, or full size. We use actual paint colors and finishes presented to the end users so everyone will have a comprehensive vision of how the project will look upon completion.
No questions. Just answers.
Providing an accurate set of shop drawings ensures a smooth and successful project. Our unsurpassed production design and development team will provide you with everything from concept drawings to shop drawings. They accurately document every detail of your project, and facilitate information flow between engineering and production teams. Exceeding your expectations is our goal.
We're connected
Whether it is a unique installation for an interior sign or a huge center-hung scoreboard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, we know when it needs to be engineered. And we have the national connections to get the best engineers for the job.